Parks and Beaches vs Doggacino's and Pupcorn

Source: The Dog Cafe (Collingwood, VIC)

Are you doing enough to satisfy a new breed of leisure savvy furry family members! “Let’s go to the park!” you excitedly announce to your fur buddy! “um, well…ok” says their less than enthusiastic expression.

It’s not their fault really. They’re probably grateful while acutely aware of a new pet café phenomenon!

Gone are the days when a lovely leisurely stroll to the local park or beach was enough to send your furry friend into an excitable, jumping up-and-down, fast breathing, tail wagging type of frenzy. The bar has been set pretty high by hip new pet-centric, pet-friendly, establishments across Australia - dishing up delicious doggy delights including Doggacino’s and Pup Corn! Yes, you heard it right. These are two items on the menu of the Dog House which opened earlier this year in Collingwood, Melbourne.

Yes, it really is a dogs, and even cat’s, world!

These café’s take “friendly” to a whole new level. Take your children to a child-friendly café and they dish up deep fried nuggets or fish and chips. They may hand you an activity pack or if you’re really looking for a spoiling they throw in a play area. Go to a pet café and it’s all about the pet. Luscious green play areas retrofit specifically for animals. 

Peekaboo Doggy Day Care and Dinner Peace food truck teamed up to provide a dog café once a fortnight in Mandurah, Western Australia. You should see the play areas. The concept is bring your pooch, let them run an absolute muck and, by the way, humans are catered for too. Incredible!

Purrth – The Cat Café opened in July of this year with an entirely new concept allowing you to dine and book a session with their family of cats. So this one isn’t BYO but rather for those looking for a feline fix coupled with a delicious (human) treat. “Tokyo has achieved world-wide fame due to its animal cafés…The original craze started with cat cafés, but has slowly expanded to accommodate a wide range of animal lovers”. (Time Out, Tokyo).

Source: Peekaboo Doggy Day Care Mandurah, WA

You can either buy into this new trend or maybe you and your fur buddy are more than happy with a post play caffeine fix (of the human kind) and a doggy bowl full of fresh water at the local pet-friendly café. are listing pet-friendly café’s around Australia.

Holiday Paws is listing pet-friendly holiday rentals in regions across Australia daily so check back in if you are an animal lover looking for holiday accommodation for the whole family.

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