About Holidaypaws

Who is Holidaypaws and what we are about.

This site is specifically designed for finding a holiday property where you can take your pet. Not only that, it also makes that search a whole lot easier by providing all the property information that a discerning pet owner will need.

HolidayPaws is a portal website which allows property owners to list only PET FRIENDLY holiday accommodation. Of course that doesn't mean you have to take your pet with you if you don't want to. 

Our goal is to provide the best quality and detail of property information possible. If we can make your selection and securing of a holiday destination that meets your requirements with the minimum of fuss, then we've helped you have a great holiday from the get go. However, while HolidayPaws takes every precaution to ensure the integrity of the site, all property information is submitted by the property advertiser and is displayed in good faith. Although all submissions to this site are reviewed by our team in order to ensure the best possible content, we are not able to ensure the accuracy of the particular property's information.

HolidayPaws.com.au is brought to you by HolidayPaws Pty Ltd ABN 83 607 256 771.

What sets us apart from other holiday property websites?

Our comprehensive search helps you find the best property to meet your requirement. You can search for:

Number of guests and pets, and if pets are allowed inside.

Price range per night. To be fair, that's the seven night price divided by seven for a 'per night' price. So you can easily compare pricing.

We provide detail on important aspects of choosing a pet friendly property, including but not limited to:

fence height,

pets allowed inside,

maps including location of dog parks & vets.

We try to give you an accurate and complete story. We have asked property owners what sort of pets and how many they can accommodate. This means:

We cut down on all the to and fro with emails when you try to get the relevant information from the property owner about taking your pet with you on holiday.

You can find the most suitable property easily and quickly.

Finding and securing a pet friendly holiday destination through the Holidaypaws.com.au website makes going on holiday with your pet easy and enjoyable. 



All prices advertised on this site are done so by the property owner. Holidaypaws Pty Ltd is not responsible for the maintenance and accuracy of pricing. All prices on this site are in Australian Dollars.


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