Pacific Palms - Great Lakes - New South Wales NSW

Pacific Palms - Great Lakes - New South Wales NSW holiday

Located just three hours north of Sydney, Pacific Palms is the gateway to vast areas of State and National Parks, subtropical rainforests and some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery to be found in Australia! With sparkling white beaches (Seven Mile, Blueys, Boomerang, Elizabeth, Shelly and Seal Rocks to name a few) plus Bungwahl, Greenpoint, Smiths Lake and Tarbuck Bay sitting on the shores of one of our three independent (Smiths, Wallis and Myall) lake systems 'The Palms' is undoubtedly one of nature's greatest seaside creations.

Explore the natural beauty of Pacific Palms, a few hours’ drive north of Sydney, at gorgeous beaches and lakes perfect for a range of water activities. Relax on white sandy beaches such as Elizabeth, Blueys and Boomerang, where the Komunity Project Great Lakes Pro surfing event is held.

You’ll find secluded spaces and waters great for kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and fishing in Wallis and Smiths lakes. Near the southern section of Booti Booti National Park is the Green Cathedral, a splendid outdoor church under a canopy of palms. The Booti Hill Lakeside walking track is a great way to experience the ocean and the lake.

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