Murray Riverina - New South Wales

Situated on the banks of Billabong Creek, said to be the longest ‘creek’ in Australia, the village of Wanganella once boasted two hotels, two blacksmiths, two stores, a school, a church, a bootmaker, a resident police officer and a small lock-up (which is now located at the Peppin Heritage Centre in Deniliquin). A number of houses, mostly the homes of workers on Wanganella and other local stations, lined the streets. Sport was catered for with tennis courts, a cricket ground and race track.

The last surviving licensed hotel was destroyed by fire in 1957 and today the village consists of a general store, a community hall with adjoining playground, and a few houses and other buildings. It remains however, an interesting reminder of a bygone era.

George Hall Peppin and his two sons were experienced English sheep breeders who bought part of Wanganella Run (now Wanganella Station) in 1858. Dissatisfied with the yield and quality of wool from the sheep then available, they channelled their efforts into breeding a strain that was better adapted to Australian conditions, larger of frame and able to yield a greatly improved quality and quantity of wool.

Their successes constitute the foundation of Australia’s reputation as a quality wool exporter. The Peppin strain of merino sheep now predominates in Australian wool producing flocks and has been exported to other parts of the world.

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