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Holiday Home

Gibson House

Sanctuary Point, South Coast - Jervis Bay NSW

Gibson House is a delightfully decorated four bedroom, two bathroom, free standing home in a quiet residential street in Sanctuary Point in the heart of the Jervis Bay Area.

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Holiday Villa

Calm Waters, Cottage 6

Sussex Inlet, South Coast - Jervis Bay NSW

Just refurbed in Sept 2015, Calm Waters Waterfront Cottages are 6 x 1940's Classic Beach Style Cottages with Panoramic water views.

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Holiday Home

Calm Waters, Cottage 5

Sussex Inlet, South Coast - Jervis Bay NSW

Calm Waters Cottage 5 Pet Friendly fully fenced yard @ Sussex Inlet is just set back from the water contains 2 bedrooms and is fully self contained with 1 Queen size bed & 1 double Tri Bunk ie with single bunk above the double Sleeps 5, best 2 couples 1 child.

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